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Looking for year-round interest in your garden? 

Photinia Red Robin is a versatile shrub used for hedging, various different sizes of bush and in tree form. 

Red Robin has clusters of delicate white flowers and vivid, scarlet leaves in spring that transform into a striking deep green in winter.

Planting guide:

  • Dig the hole twice as deep and twice as wide as the plant pot containing the root section.

  • Release the plant from its pot and ‘tease out’ the roots from the compacted soil ball (This will enable the roots to spread out into the ground providing a firm anchor over the years and will allow the plant to find water and food.

  • Fork over the bottom of the hole to loosen the soil

  • Apply a quarter handful (more or less depending on the size of the plant) of Mycorrhizal fungi. The fungi extend the root area making it easier for the plant to draw up water and food over the plant’s lifetime.

  • Add fresh growing media (Compost from Brookfields – Jack’s Magic is a good quality all-round compost) to the holeabout half-way up.

  • Place the plant in the hole ensuring the original level of the top of the soil (when the plant was in its pot) is level with the ground outside of the hole.

  • Place more fresh compost around the plant and firm down around the plant using your hands or feet.

  • Make sure the plant is reasonably level

  • Add a final layer of fresh compost and firm around the area

  • Water the plant

  • Add half a handful of Vitax Q4 plant food granules to the ground around the stem of the plant (no raking or extra water needed for the plant food. This will feed the plant for around 3 to 4 weeks as it rains and when you have to water in warm weather)

  • Keep an eye out for bugs and keep them at bay.


Attract birds towards your favourite plants with a mixture of peanut, seed and fat ball feeders. Birds in the area will help vacuum the non-beneficial insects from your much loved plants throughout the growing season.